Benta Marketplace

This June 2018, we will be launching our biggest project yet – the Benta Marketplace.


Benta Marketplace is a Swiss online shopping and selling destination that provides customers the comfort of shopping with ease and, at the same time, giving its partner retailers an end-to-end selling solution and direct access to the large customer base in the region. What sets Benta Marketplace apart is its potential to publish free classified ads, while also having an auction and sharing feature.


With a wide variety of products spanning from consumer electronics, phones and tablets, fashion, cosmetics, home appliances, sporting goods, automobiles, up to groceries, and a whole lot more, Benta Marketplace is your one-stop shop for all your shopping and selling needs.



Shopping with ease is our guarantee


Get rid of the dread of being stuck in traffic, full parking lots, large crowds, and long queues and shop anytime, anywhere with your mobile phone, tablet, or computer!


Easily compare products and prices, make decisions with the aid of informative product descriptions and numerous online reviews, connect directly with sellers, check out your cart. And with our fast and reliable delivery service, all that’s left for you to do is to sit back, relax and wait for your package to arrive.


We hope you are all as excited as we are!

Bentach Administration
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