Benta Marketplace App Release

Benta Marketplace App Release

It’s no secret that we are now living in a world that is shaped by technology day by day. And because of this, we tend to covet convenience and reliability to match the pace. Thus, we turn to the internet. From paying bills, shopping, ordering food and groceries, to reconnecting with old classmates – almost everything and everyone is online!


Facebook, for example, has 2.01 billion monthly active users and about 1.15 billion mobile daily active users worldwide, as of June 2017. In case you haven’t caught on yet, that’s too big of an audience to not pay attention to. And if you want to build an audience for your business, then you have to be where the people are.

Gone are the days when people still had to sit in front of a computer just to go online. Technology has already gifted us with the opportunity to connect to the internet almost anywhere and anytime we want to. And a lot of businesses has already adapted to this, quite very well in fact. Through mobile applications, people can now connect to businesses instantly, wherever and whenever. What this means for your business – if you are invested on online marketing – is that people get instant access to your ads, campaigns, promos, and products, wherever and whenever too. This further implies that the longer people stay on your site, the greater the possibility of getting more engagement and more sales.


This is why this coming March 2018, we will be launching the Benta Marketplace application. Written in Xamarin, the Benta Marketplace app will cater to iOS and Android users. And later in the year, will also be available on Windows Phone.


The launch of the application is in line with the company’s guarantee to give everyone a hassle-free and convenient shopping and selling experience. Keep tab on our site to find out more and to get the latest news about the Benta Marketplace app.

Tia Espiritu
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